what went through ur mind?

October 9, 2010

I always wonder what went through ur head when u were trying to steal him away from me. did the thought that there was a woman in his life already deter u the least bit? Did u stop to think what if one day this happens to me? what if I fall in love with a man only to have someone else throw themselves at him at every turn, Wait till his darkest days to make ur moves and send ur x-rated pics? Or did u just not care? Did u only want to get what u wanted to hell with other peoples hard built relationships?

 I really wish I knew, what went through ur mind when u kissed his lips, the lips I kissed a thousand times. The lips I loved. Did u see me in the back of ur mind , Blinded by tears? Or did u just enjoy the rush of blood, the thumping heartbeat, the surge of lust when u were kissing my man?

What went through ur mind when u were begging him not to leave? Begging him to stay with u and not go back to me, the woman he built a life with? did u care that u shattered my dreams, The dreams of being the mother of his child, the dreams of my happily ever after? Or did u just want to steal them from me and make them your own just like u took him?

What went through ur mind when u played up the drama, threatened suicide just to keep him by ur side? Did u think that maybe he was never really urs to keep? Or did you just not care and cling to him cos it was easier to hold on?

 What went through your mind as a woman who has blood running through ur body, as woman, we have a code, men are dogs, the whole world knows that, but us women.. we are special.. we FEEL.. we know pain.. we know love.. you should have known better.. as a woman.. as a sister.. as a friend.. as a daughter.. u should have known better.

I hope with all my heart u get hit by a bus.


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